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Actibiol Unidose 150mL - Aerosol One-Shot Insecticide with High Flush Out Effect !

Pre-Order Only!, Quimunsa, Spray & Aerosol, Fumigation, Ready for Dispatch :Preorder: Over 23 days (+/-)
  • Rapid dislodgement of all types of insects
  • Pro Formulation
  • Practical format for 40m²
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Actibiol Unidose is a one-shot insecticide spray (single use) very effective on a wide spectrum of flying and crawling insects and mites. It is effective on 100m3, 35m² for 3m high.

Before use, you must: open sinks, cupboards, drawers etc ... Remember to pull the appliances, for example, the wall (fridge, machines ...). Cover sensitive parts (eg television) with a cloth. Remove plants, pets and staff. Take out the aquariums and terrariums too (or cover them).

Very important: Close all windows and external doors, and also the air vents so that the insecticide gas does not escape.

Then place the aerosol in the middle of the room, snap it and leave immediately for 4 to 6 hours. Come back to air from 30min to 2h (depending on ventilation available). Repeat in case of new infestation.

Bed Bugs : Remove sheets, blankets and pillowcases to wash (+ 65 ° C). Put the mattress against the wall as well as the slats (if they are removable), and the box spring. Isolate the room as described previously. Leave the premises 4 to 6 hours. Repeat the operation 7-8 days later, 1 third time if necessary. Place 1 aerosol per piece. Ideally add a surface treatment.

Exceptional composition:

- Alphacypermethrin 0.13%
- Solvent

Brand :
Intensité Olfactive :
Type of Solution :
  • Fumigation
  • Spray & Aerosol
Availability :
Pre-Order Only!
Ready for Dispatch :
Ready for Dispatch :Preorder: Over 23 days (+/-)


Operating System:
Insecticide One-Shot
Pest are eliminated quickly and a lot but coming back after a moment... I think the environment plays a lot on the infestation but I will continue to treat!
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