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Aedex Gel Pro Anti Cockroach (Roaches) Economical & Powerful ! - Tube of 30g

In Stock!, Aedex, Gel Bait Control, Bait Control & Gel
  • Excellent value
  • Acts in just a few days
  • Discreet and Remanent (up to 4 months on average)
  • Can be kept over 3 years after the date of manufacture indicated on the tube!
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Aedex Gel Pro is an insecticide bait made to control the population of different species of Cockroach (Roaches) including those present in cities, artisanal and industrial environment.

Can be used in habitations, houses, hostels, hospitals, clinics, theaters, storage rooms, factories, garages, offices, vehicles, shops, restaurants, coffees, kitchens, commercials premises...

    Place small drops in every places where cockroaches are found, behind home appliances (fridges, washing machines, closets, under the sinks, hot water tank, behind toilets, on skirting boards, electrical conduits... or any places darks and wet

    New Formula : Thanks to its good dose of imidacloprid and its fusion with Piperonyl Butoxide, no resistance is possible.

    To be sure that the product works, before using: You must keep all infested places clean and without a power source, Move your appliances from the wall, and clean them: If you see stains or dirty marks, it is very likely that eggs, so take a warm, wet sponge and rub there to remove these eggs.

    Place the gel in the form of small drops (as an indication: 0.03 to 0.09g depending on infestation) thanks to the piston and the cannula provided, in each places infestation places, including:

    • Near the engines of household appliances, air conditioners, washing machine...
    • In and around ventilation ducts
    • Near water pipes, under sinks, bathtub, water balloon...
    • To the outside to prevent the arrival of Cockroaches (Doors and Windows...)
    • Kitchen, Shower rooms, Cagibis...

    DO NOT use spray or aerosol insecticide (after putting gel) because this will deteriorate the palatability of the gel and the cockroach will no longer be attracted to the bait. You can, however, add traps if you wish to control the population of cockroaches.

    Attention, do not waste this product: it can treat about 100m²!
    Place small drops (about 0,5g-1g according to the infestation's level) in every places where cockroaches are found, behind home appliances (fridges, washing machines, closets, under the sinks, hot water tank, behind toilets, on skirting boards, electrical conduits... or any places darks and wet
    Separate them from 1 or 2 meters. Place between 3 and 9 per appliance depending on its volume and infestation.

    Aedex Gel is discreet and odorless. Over time, texture agents may darken on contact with oxygen. This does not alter the palatability of the gel. It can thus act between 2 and 4 months according to the conditions.

    If cracks or other defects, including sealing are found, it would be necessary to undertake some work if it optimizes the treatment and limits the arrival of cockroaches!

    ~ Imidacloprid 2.15%
    ~ Piperonyl Butoxide 0.11%

    Delivered with 1 piston and 1 cannula. Put in the piston in the right direction (it must be able to integrate without forcing) and unclog the end to put the cannula. Push gently (and not brutally you may lose 5 or 10g of gel ...) and you will see the gel out like .. Nutella! But beware ! Do not eat it! Unless you are a Suicidal Cockroach ... Fortunately, the product does not release any harmful chemicals, and the data sheet and safety are available on request. After application of the gel, replace the tip, clean the cannula and put it all in its package to keep it at its best (cool, dry place, out of the sun). Wash your hands afterwards.

    We remain at your disposal for any questions.

    Intended for an exclusive professional use.

    Sold by unit 1x tube of 30g.

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    • Gel Bait Control
    • Bait Control & Gel
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    Gels Bait

    Double Gels Eco + Professionals

    Double your chances of not having to deal with cockroaches for a long time! For other types of solutions or larger quantities, take a look lower ;)

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    I am extremely satisfied with this Gel! Results are fast and for long time !
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