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CYTROL FORTE WP Sachet to dilute - 1x 10g - Bugs Control Solution UK Made - Safe & ECO ⚡️

In Stock!, PelGar, Poudres Concentrées, Insecticide Concentrate, Ready for Dispatch :Same day if order before 5pm (+/-)
  • Easy to dose and without waste
  • Wide Spectrum of insects controlled
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Cytrol Forte WP : Water-soluble sachets containing a very effective Insecticide Wettable Powder (WP) whose composition is highly concentrated with Cypermethrin.
Deadly for a very broad spectrum of crawling and flying insects such as: cockroaches, flakes, fleas, bed bugs, ants , Mites, Flies, Mosquitoes, Dustmites...
Packaged in a 10g water-soluble sachet, Cytrol forte is practical and easy to use for the applicator (limits product handling and empty packaging) !
The insecticide wettable powder has the advantage of being more persistent than a conventional liquid formulation : transported by water during spraying, the powder is deposited on the surface on the supports and guarantees a prolonged action. It is however not easily absorbed by a porous support (wood, carpet, etc ...)
Cytrol Forte therefore applies wherever a residual action is sought (apartments, technical rooms, cellars, chemical barrier around doors, windows, skirting boards ...).
Application Rate :
  • Low to medium infestation: 1 sachet of 10g in 5 liters of water to treat between 50 and 100m²
  • Strong infestation: 2 bags of 10g in 5 to 7 liters of water to treat 50 to 100m²
  • Very strong and recurrent infestation: 3 to 4 sachets in 7 to 13/14 +/- liters of water to treat 40 to 130m². (Do not treat + than 2 times the same places/rooms during the week)
First fill 30% of cool water needed in the sprayer, then add and shake slowly Cytrol Forte according to the dosage below. Fill the tank to the required level to 100% of water, and shake the sprayer to mix the contents.
1 to 2 minutes is enough to dilute. Apply by low-pressure spraying on the places of passages and refuges of the insects. In the event of a work interruption of more than 30 minutes, shake the sprayer before reuse in order to re-mix the contents. Do not keep more than one or two days.
Method of application :
Allow the insecticide to work by closing all openings for 4 to 6 hours and ventilate on return. The insecticide remains effective for several weeks and does not emit an odor.

Renew the operation 7 to 10 days later for bed bugs and fleas, a few weeks for other insects or in case of re-infestation.

Composition :
- 40% pure Cypermethrin (4g per sachet) + S: R mixture

Intended for a strictly professional use.

Brand :
Intensité Olfactive :
Type of Solution :
  • Poudres Concentrées
  • Insecticide Concentrate
Availability :
In Stock!
Ready for Dispatch :
Ready for Dispatch :Same day if order before 5pm (+/-)


Operating System:
Powder Concentrate

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