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Aedex Anti Ants Liquid Bait - Economical and Convenient - Size 78g

In Stock!, Aedex, Gel Bait Control, Bait Control & Gel, Ready for Dispatch :24h (+/-)
  • Extremely palatable: Syrup Formula
  • Economy: 78g
  • All species of ants (cassava, red, ants of argentine, black, pharaoh...)
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Degy Liquide Ants Bait : Ants Control Gel, unobtrusive, odorless and discreet. Insecticide gel that neutralizes all types of ants species worldwide.

Main Action : Contamination between individuals by transport, ingestion or friction during trade in the anthill. Drop enough drops to ensure maximum distribution. Eradication is between 7 and 14 days depending on the level of infestation, the species of ants to neutralize, the environment and external conditions.

The product should be applied in the form of drops ranging from 0.02g to 0.1g each, and multiply the drops at a rate of 1 to 3 drops every 0.5 to 2 square meters. Increase and decrease the dosage as needed / cases.
A support (cups, glass plates) is required if there are "absorbent" surfaces such as: carpets, carpets, wood, parquets or other .... Apply 3 to 6 drops per support and separate them from 2 to 4 meters each, on the passages of the ants, the entry and exit points
(There are also secure boxes for the use of insecticide bait gels to protect the product and to prevent accidental contamination by a child, pet or other non-target organism, we will put these boxes as soon as we find the good model)

Apply generally in the corners frequented by ants as well as on their passages. Ants are attracted by the gel and its texture and easy to ingest.
Ant eradication in just a few days, re-apply a new treatment if needed a few days later, sometimes the ants come from several different sources. If the infestation persists, try to spot the anthill.

NB: Do not use this product Before using a concentrate or an aerosol or fogging application as this will ruin the effectiveness of the product. The gel must remain appetizing for a long time (up to several months) so keep the place clean and without residual insecticides or strong debussing effect because the texture of insecticide baits gels is very sensitive (usually).

A vial of 78g can treat an area of up to 130m ², the product can remain active more than 1 or 2 months under the best conditions.

- 5,75% sodium dimethylarsinate

Observe the precautions for use. Do not eat. Do not use in nature or against nature.

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  • Gel Bait Control
  • Bait Control & Gel
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