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Fendona 6 SC - 500mL Concentrate Diluted Concentrate Suspension - Pro Product

Pre-Order Only!, BASF, Suspension Insecticide, Insecticide Concentrate, Ready for Dispatch :24h (+/-)

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Fendona 6 SC is a powerful insecticide developed by BASF.

Concentrated solution based on Alphamethrin to neutralize a wide spectrum of insects such as:

  • Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Cockroaches, Fleas, Ants, Flies, Scolopendres, Spiders, Ticks, Earwigs, Mites, Mosquitoes, Caterpillars ...
  • Dust Mites (acarid), Wasps, Hornets...

Fendona 6 SC 500mL can treat up to 1000m² (depending on the infestation). Acts by contact and ingestion by insects, flushes the insects well so insist on the hidden parts. Leave the place closed for 4 hours minimum for a good shock action and do not clean the product because the solution remains active long!

Create a homogeneous water-based mixture at:

  • 25mL in 5 liters of water for low infestation or routine treatment
  • From 50 to 75 mL in 5 liters of water for an average to very high infestation
  • Between 50mL and 100mL in 5 liters of water per nest or swarms

For a good mixture: add 30% of the amount of water needed, pour the dose and mix. Add the remaining 70% water and mix again. During the treatment, shake the solution several times every 10 minutes or so.

PestsPrecautions for Use
Bed BugsSpray on bed bases, mattresses and beds, as well as any carpets, corners of doors, cracks, holes and adjacent walls etc ...
FleasSpray floor coverings and furniture especially in rest areas of cats and dogs but not directly on animals, people or bed linen. Spray also in the floor and hidden parts (baseboards, cracks ...)
Carpeting insectsSpray on infected carpets & carpets paying special attention to the contours.
FlyIdentify and treat heavily infested areas.
Ants A "barrier" application around buildings, paying attention to doors, windows and other entry points, which will prevent the arrival of ants. Spray also in and around nests as well as on the tracks.
WaspsApply carefully on the nests and their entrances. After treatment, the nests will be removed adequately.
CockroachesSpray hiding places and any areas that can be explored or explored by paying attention to holes and cracks. Insist behind or under machinery, kitchen equipment or pipes that are often used as cockroach caches.
SliverfishesApply on holes and cracks in cupboards, shelves and kitchen equipment.
Stored Products PestsSpray the entire structure of the storage area after cleaning, excluding areas that may be in contact with food.
Others InsectsIncluding beetles, ear claws, crickets, lice, spiders, woodlice ...: Spray the areas where these insects can be found.

Composition :

- Alphamethrin 60g/L (5,8%) (n° CAS : 67375-30-8)
- 1,2-Benzisothiazol-3(2H)-One

Type : SC (Solution Concentrate)
Stay active for several weeks without giving off odor. Leave to act between 4 and 8 hours then ventilate thoroughly. Do not treat the same place 4 times a month.

Intended for professional use

Use insecticides and biocides carefully. Before use, Read the label and product information carefully. Observe all precautions for use.

Regular Sending.

Brand :
Intensité Olfactive :
Type of Solution :
  • Suspension Insecticide
  • Insecticide Concentrate
Availability :
Pre-Order Only!
Ready for Dispatch :
Ready for Dispatch :24h (+/-)


Operating System:
Solution Concentrate

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Roaches Control Premium BASF

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A batch of BASF branded premium cockroach products for approved professional quality !

First, apply Fendona 6SC in all infested corners and places of intrusion; wait a few days (even 2 weeks or reapply in the meantime) then apply the Goliath Gel everywhere respecting the dosages!

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