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Fleas Control

Discover our Fleas Control Products highly effective & professionals !

It is necessary to remember that a treatment against Fleas is done 2-4 times (or + in some cases), with 7-10 day intervals, regardless of the procedure Because Flea let go its larvae during its whole life and they hatch after about a week: it is therefore essential to re-treatment, and renew a 3rd time if necessary ! If you have pets, you have to treatment at the same time with a special products which you will find at pharmacy or in a special shop.

For an Optimal treatment, associate a surface treatment with a volume treatment (aerosol) at the same time. Please note, for some very concentrated insecticide as Cimetrol, phobi Fenox or other, a volume is not necessarily.

Leave the places for 5 hours, ideally.


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