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Fly Control

Discover our products Anti Flies & Gnats (Flies Midget). If you have :

  • Many flies : We recommend using aerosol automatic drain (one-shot) to remove the larger population or to use (in association or not) to dilute insecticides you spray on walls where each pose flies to have a lasting effect.
  • A few flies, but often : You can use the players for a prolonged peace or insecticide to dilute and spray.
  • Very few flies, rarely : Use lacquer ready-mix to use or spray aerosol once in a while from the appearance of flies or gnats.

If you can't use chemical products (restaurant, factories... for example) you can use Electrical Devices against Flies. Their use is recommended in all level infestation. They are safe and very effective.

NB : Remember to check that there is no presence of decaying food, which can reduce flies, notably the Blue fly.


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