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⚡FRESH Paste Mice & Rats Bait Control 10g - Poison for Pro - RODILLON PASTE RB (Génération Pâte)

In Stock!, BAYER, Rodent Bait, Bait Control & Gel
  • Fresh bait prepared on order
  • Single-Feeding fast kill
  • Economic Solution
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Fresh Bait of 10g each one against all types of rodent (mice and rats). Sold by 1 sachet of 10g.
500 sachets = 1 pack complete 5kg + Gloves + 2 secured Boxes.
Rodillon RB is one the best rat poison on the market ! With its composition on Difethialone, the rodent are neutralized with a single-feeding !
Containing rodenticide to neutralize most populations of rats and mice in public or private. Prepared on order and sent quickly. You must use boxes secured if you use the bait on public places.
Designed specifically to attract all types of rodents (small and large), the product acts in a single ingestion without arousing the mistrust of the congeners.

Can be used in the following places: In and around buildings, garages, loft, cellars, attics, houses, restaurants, cafes, hotels, inns, places of storage, factories, places of food processing...

Use gloves and do not open the sachets. Place the baits on passageways and places where rodents are used, behind electrical appliances and along walls. Make sure you do not leave another power source that could prevent consumption.
Between 1 and 4 x 10g paste each meter or corners of one room, according to the infestation. Check every day before sunset and change the bait eaten, bitten, or soiled..., until the infestation stops. Bait's active ingredients last for the long time (more than 2 years)

- Difethialone 0,0025%

Professional Product. Keep away from children and pets. Use gloves to manipulate and boxes secured in public places.

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  • Rodent Bait
  • Bait Control & Gel
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