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⚛️Insecticide concentrate anti fleas to dilute

Use the anti flea insecticides concentrated in heavy infestations or if large areas to be treated.

Unlike the Ready-to-use sprays, liquids and powders concentrates are to be diluted with water and for use with a spray (knapsack or hand). Insecticides act directly and remain active for weeks. They are usually reserved for professionals because their preparation requires some precautions. They can be more effective because the user decides to use concentration.Remove the sheets, duvets and pillowcases to put washing to over 60 °C !

Remember to put on a mask before application. Spray directly in mattresses, box springs by putting them standing vertically or horizontally, parquet line, the corners of walls and doors, baseboards, vents mouths .... Leave the area by closing windows and doors during ideally 5 hours and then return to air. Repeat the operation after one week.

You can pair with a treatment volume (aerosol) in heavy infestations for example.


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