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MUSKIL BLOCKS Water Repellents 10KG Rats & Mice - Cereals Based - Quick Effect⚡

In Stock!, Zapi, Rodent Bait, Ready for Dispatch :24h (+/-)

Resist to Dust and Water

Long efficiency !

Rats & Mice

2 Actives Molecules !!

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Muskil Blocks Sold in boxes of 10kg, containing rodenticide blocks (anti rats and mice) of 25grs each. The blocks are waterproof because they resist dust and moisture, even for a long time!

Very attractive! The blocks are both soft and crisp, which is perfect for rodent dentition - 2 safety boxes with 2 individual keys are provided.

Muskil Bloc is a two-component rodenticide; thanks to two powerful anticoagulant molecules, it can neutralize most rodent populations in a single ingestion. The inconvenience of the possible decomposition of a rodent in your premises are thus extremely reduced.

Authorized use on agricultural holdings.

The effects are going to feel a few hours after the ingestion, far from the place of consumption and without arousing the suspicions of the congeners, which allows them to continue the consumption.

Thanks to the combination of Bromadiolone with Difenacoum in 25ppm, it covers a broad spectrum of efficacy on all rat species (Rattus norvegicus and Rattus rattus) and house mice (Mus musculus).

Permitted uses: in and around private and public buildings, agricultural and agribusiness, factories, food processing plants, cellars, attics, garages, parking, houses, hotels, bed and breakfasts, shops, restaurants, cafes and bars, private gardens, terraces .....

Use security boxes to prevent access to the product by untargeted individuals. Use gloves to handle the blocks. Try not to allow the rodent to carry the blocks with him, possibly hanging with the hole drilled inside each block Muskil.

Place 1 to 2 blocks per security box. Separate bait stations between 2 and 5 meters depending on the infestation. Place them at each corner of the rooms where the presence of rodents is felt, as well as height. check the bait daily after sunset and replace any bait eaten, munched, missing or soiled; until consumption ceases.

Bait remains active for many years; you can use them in prevention or in attics, cellars or other places where access is limited.

You can find our security boxes retail on our shop. Save up to 10% (contact us about this)

Composition :

- Bromadiolone 0.0025% ppm
- Difenacoum 0.0025% ppm

Professional use. Keep out of the reach of children. Handle with gloves and use safety boxes for public places. 10KG cardboard containing 25grs blocks. Reduction possible (contact us or make an offer)

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  • Rodent Bait
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In Stock!
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Ready for Dispatch :24h (+/-)

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