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1x30g Mythic Gel BASF - Roaches Bait Control Reliable And Economical Solution

In Stock!, BASF, Gel Bait Control, Bait Control & Gel, Ready for Dispatch :Same day if order before 5pm (+/-)

Economical Solution

Composition Safe & Pro

Good Texture and Discreet

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Mythic Gel is a bait designed by BASF, acting against all types of roaches (cockroaches) present in public and private places such as: hotels, houses, inns, houses, commercial premises, offices, restaurants, butchers, kitchens, hospitals, clinics, factories, boats, vehicles ...
Sold by unit 1x tube of 30g.
Acts few hours after application, the time cockroaches return to their nests and serve as bait for their congeners
Apply between 0.2g and 0.6g per m², depending on the infestation, on cockroach passages and their hiding places, such as dark, damp places. Also behind appliances, along baseboards and electrical ducts, near vents, cracks...
Double the doses in case of heavy infestation and Ensure that the site is clean and that no chemicals have been applied the previous days and do not apply chemicals (aerosols or spray solutions) after applying the gel
- Chlorfenapyr 0.4%

For a professional use. Read the prescriptions before and keep premises cleans.

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  • Gel Bait Control
  • Bait Control & Gel
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In Stock!
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Ready for Dispatch :Same day if order before 5pm (+/-)


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Gels Bait


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Fusion of gel's solutions for greater efficiency

Apply 1 to 2 drops of Goliath for 2 to 4 drops of Mythic depending on the infestation

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BASF Brand

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Solution Silver BASF for a full control on Cockroach in cas of medium or several infestation

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Complete Package against all type of pest and Roach

First, use the insecticides to diluer and the aerosol/spray, then use the gels after 1 or 2 weeks for a long time effeciency. Read all the precautions of use before.

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